Brush Lettering 101: Saturday, October 14th, 9 AM- 12 PM

Brush Lettering 101: Saturday, October 14th, 9 AM- 12 PM


This workshop is centered around a fun, no pressure environment to gather with friends to learn more about brush calligraphy. Will this workshop make you a master calligrapher? Probably not, but there will be fun, friends and a solid foundation of skills built! So, whether you have pretty handwriting already, or your handwriting looks like a chicken had a convulsion on the page - you will leave this workshop with the skills to improve! In this workshop you will learn:

- what is "faux calligraphy" & "Brush calligraphy"

-how to hold & use a brush pen

-various brands/types of brush pens & how to choose the best one for you

-mastering basic strokes & letters with different brush pens

Cost: $80 per person. Includes 3 hours of hands-on instruction and practice, a take-home starter kit  (pencil, 2 varieties of brush pens, over 30 pages of brush stroke templates, guideline sheets and spare practice sheets), coffee and snacks, and girl time! All workshops are BYO.

GUEST INSTRUCTOR: Shlya Roher, Owner, BeDeckle

Designer behind Bedeckle. I have been hand lettering for as long as I can remember. I would admire my own mother’s hand writing as a little girl and when I got to college, I used all of that practicing to make my note taking more interesting.  Now, I get to implement everything I have loved about typography into pieces that are now bringing others joy and filling their lives with meaningful beauty. I look forward to sharing my love of lettering with you.

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