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MAKERS is a handmade market run by The Craftery in a unique retail space designed to showcase a collection of talented artisans, crafters, and vintage collectors selling independently produced goods. Our goal is to help creative professionals establish their businesses and brand in a brick and mortar shop. MAKERS is a “juried” long-term market. We reserve the right to select brands and vendors according to how well it fits within our vision.



MAKERS will provide a centralized checkout/cash wrap desk for all vendors and will accept cash and all major credit cards. We will also provide retail staff to man the store during open hours. We will be using a POS system that provides a Vendor ID to all vendors. Payments will be made monthly and will include a monthly financial report of your sales. 

MAKERS will provide and manage a website, social media accounts and a monthly email newsletter for the store. Your brand may be spotlighted on our website, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest throughout the year. We’ll pull images from your feeds with permission, or from images you send to us- make sure they are the images you are proud to share! We will do extensive advertising through our social media outlets, but we encourage vendors to advertise through their own social media, as well. In addition to social media advertising, we will do our best to provide additional traffic to the store through special events like workshops, holiday markets, pop-up vendors, “meet the makers” nights and more. 

MAKERS will be open for business during the same hours as the other stores in 

The Shops at The Square. As of now, we are aiming for Tuesday-Sunday and the hours are TBD.


  1. To be consistent with our vision, we will only include items in our market that are original, handmade, unique, vintage, repurposed, designed or produced locally.

  2. Vendors are responsible for providing all items to set up your “booth”, including all tables, furniture pieces and shelving. Think of this as a “mini store” and plan accordingly for your brand. 

  3. Vendors are responsible for stocking their booth. MAKERS staff members will keep your booth tidy and neat, but you may feel free to stop in whenever to check on your display. The store will be closed on Mondays, but you will be able to access the store to check stock and replenish where needed.

  4. You may stock extra inventory underneath your tables, or in the secure storage area in the back. All items must be clearly marked with your brand if using secure storage area.

  5. Products you bring to the market must be in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws for the type of products you offer. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to your products and to ensure that they are in compliance with all copyright, food handling, labeling, labor, and any other laws, rules or regulations that apply. All products from vendors that are found to be in violation will be removed from the market immediately.

  6. We ask that all vendors work (1) 4 hour shift every month. This will help us keep your rent down, as well as, continue on with a low vendor commission rate. We will have an online calendar available for you to access and fill in your preferred shift day. All dates are first come, first serve. An email will be sent out to you when we open up the spreadsheet and you may pick your preferred shift. Shifts are offered for setup, helping us decorate for the holidays, working the register and more.This is also an awesome opportunity for guests to get to know you, the maker! 

  7. In addition to rent, there is a 10% commission fee on your gross sales (total before you deduct expenses). This fee is used to cover credit card processing, MAKERS staff, any discounts we choose to offer as promotions, and other expenses. 

  8. The rental rate is a gross lease- everything (except the 10% commission) is included in that one price! The lease term is for one year- a rental agreement will be sent out once you have been accepted as a vendor. Rental Rates are listed below.


  1. Vendor booth sizes will range in size from 20 square feet to 50 square feet and will be priced accordingly (see rental rates below).

  2. Vendors may request a particular space and we will try to accommodate as many of these requests as possible, but unfortunately some vendors may not receive the type of space they request. We promise you’ll get the next best thing!

  3. If you choose to share a booth with a friend, all arrangements must be made by you. We allow one vendor ID per booth. We will prepare one sales report per booth and make one payment per booth. It is your responsibility to designate the contact. The contact is responsible to ensure all products in the booth meet our product guidelines, to split the booth fee, and to separate the sales proceeds at the end of the market. Your application must represent all products to be sold by both parties.

  4. Vendors will remain inside their designated spaces and will be respectful of the spaces and products of vendors around them.

  5. Vendors may display a reasonably sized, tasteful sign within their space.


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