$40 per person

The projects satisfy even the most picky crafter, who wants to do just a little bit more! To book a private party in this price range, please fill out the form below. 

Hand-lettered Hanging Wood Signs

These signs can be customized with a variety of phrases, monograms, birth stats etc. Without fail, every one has success with this project! Each person  makes one sign that is 18x24 inches.

Seasonal Wreath

No matter the season,  wreaths are a beautiful way to adorn your front door! Each guest makes one wreath that can be customized in a million different ways= no 2 wreaths will be exactly the same- we can promise you that!


Etched slate cheeseboards

Perfect for that summer soiree where you want to wow your friends with an impressive cheese plate!  Choose from 2 different kinds of handles-  rope or metal- and customize with your initials, last name or favorite word! Each guest makes 1 cheese board..


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